Harmful effects of Toilet paper

Using toilet paper or using recycled water for bidets or toilet jets

Look at it this way: If you were playing at the park with your kids, and you accidentally fell in some dog poop and got it on your arm, would you grab a piece of toilet paper, wipe it off, and go about your day?

Bidet - Watermarked_2 year warranty

We have come across so many houses where home owners have their bidets connected to recycled water. This is worse than using toilet paper because it surely causes severe rashes and allergies depending upon skin sensitivity.

Think Y Colon cancer is common in western world? Traditional or Desi ways of living were very healthy. 


Don’t just keep bidets for parents and visitors from India because you are more prone to big health risks then them as u have been using toilet paper for so long now. Japanese had never used toilet paper and Americans have switched to bidets too.

Time for us to do the same based on facts and figures.

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