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Replaced leaky water line in Doncaster East last week.  If you notice rusty colour in your water, get your line checked.  Most galvanised pipes are prone to rust.




Harmful bacteria’s (Legionnaires) and Hot water system.

Solution – Go for Continues Hot Water Systems i.e. no stored water plus gas saving too.

Continuous Hot Water Installation at a Restaurant

What is Legionnaires Disease & How to Prevent it?

Legionellosis, is a illness caused by a bacteria, Legionella pneumophila.

♦ It is a respiratory disease that can cause severe pneumonia and it is sometimes very fatal.

♦ Keep and check your hot water systems are set to 60°C

♦ Don’t turn the temperature of your hot water systems below 60°C

♦ Plumbers know to set the temperature correctly

♦ The best advice is to leave it as set by your plumber or factory settings.

Installing Storage Hot Water System

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