Harmful bacteria’s (Legionnaires) and Hot water system.

Solution – Go for Continues Hot Water Systems i.e. no stored water plus gas saving too.

Continuous Hot Water Installation at a Restaurant
  • Some of us turn off their hot water systems when they go on holiday, but an outdoor hot water tank in the sun heat may provide the perfect conditions for the Legionella bacteria to multiply.
  • Others reduce the temperature of their hot water systems – means invitation to very harmful bacteria’s too because Legionella can grow in 50% too.
  • If you have electric hot water systems (tank), think about switching to gas because studies showed 40% of them were contaminated for obvious reasons.  There is added hazard with using an Electric Storage Tank Hot water systems or heaters
  • https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2094925/

What is Legionnaires Disease & How to Prevent it?

Legionellosis, is a illness caused by a bacteria, Legionella pneumophila.

♦ It is a respiratory disease that can cause severe pneumonia and it is sometimes very fatal.

♦ Keep and check your hot water systems are set to 60°C

♦ Don’t turn the temperature of your hot water systems below 60°C

♦ Plumbers know to set the temperature correctly

♦ The best advice is to leave it as set by your plumber or factory settings.

Installing Storage Hot Water System

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Using toilet paper or using recycled water for bidets or toilet jets

Look at it this way: If you were playing at the park with your kids, and you accidentally fell in some dog poop and got it on your arm, would you grab a piece of toilet paper, wipe it off, and go about your day?

Bidet - Watermarked_2 year warranty

We have come across so many houses where home owners have their bidets connected to recycled water. This is worse than using toilet paper because it surely causes severe rashes and allergies depending upon skin sensitivity.

Think Y Colon cancer is common in western world? Traditional or Desi ways of living were very healthy. 


Don’t just keep bidets for parents and visitors from India because you are more prone to big health risks then them as u have been using toilet paper for so long now. Japanese had never used toilet paper and Americans have switched to bidets too.

Time for us to do the same based on facts and figures.

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Possible colon cancer ☠. Think why so many people get colon cancer in the western world.
Why stop using toilet paper? – Its hard to always know and check if the stuff you are buying is good for you and your family. Cheap and recycled toilet paper is surely a big cross ☠ as it has BPA in it, other expensive toilet papers has minor amount of chemicals and fragrance in them. Its a billion$$ industry so the real facts and research results are prevented from coming to public. Same applies to lots of other modern world products. Q is why use toilet papers and invite health issues when you have clean water to wash by pressing a button. You feel fresh, clean plus save 70% cost on toilet papers. Use toilet paper to wipe/dry the water not Shit 😜. Google it yourself and if you are lucky, you will find some good articles. Below is just one.
We offer watermark stamped jets and bidets that fits on your seat or use hand held faucets. Note: The water pressure in australia is around 900KPH so be sure to get the right stuff and avoid pipes from bursting resulting in damaging ur floor.
We are offering promotional prices on Watermark approved toilet jets or bidets, with 2 years replacement warranty and installation. You recover ur cost within 1 year on top of benefits mentioned above.
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