Possibility of Colon Cancer from toilet paper



Possible colon cancer ☠. Think why so many people get colon cancer in the western world.
Why stop using toilet paper? – Its hard to always know and check if the stuff you are buying is good for you and your family. Cheap and recycled toilet paper is surely a big cross ☠ as it has BPA in it, other expensive toilet papers has minor amount of chemicals and fragrance in them. Its a billion$$ industry so the real facts and research results are prevented from coming to public. Same applies to lots of other modern world products. Q is why use toilet papers and invite health issues when you have clean water to wash by pressing a button. You feel fresh, clean plus save 70% cost on toilet papers. Use toilet paper to wipe/dry the water not Shit 😜. Google it yourself and if you are lucky, you will find some good articles. Below is just one.
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