Toilet Bidet Reviews Australia

Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews Australia: 3 Top Toilet Bidets That Will Help Australians Poop Cleaner!

I hope you will appreciate the troubles I have gone through to research the best bidet toilet seats available in Melbourne,Australia. It really is a thankless job but I care about my fellow Australian’s backsides – I wish to provide them with the proper hygiene and comfort they deserve!

I took great pains to choose the ones that were getting the best reviews and the bidet seats I have personally experimented with myself.

Owning a plumbing service & being a professional bidet supplier allows me to test out many of the butt sprinklers available to Australians!

The following 3 bidets passed the Desi Plumber approval process and some of them even offer luxurious features like aerated water streams, temperature controls, and even deodorizers to keep the bum and the bathroom smelling ‘fresh as a daisy’. 


Bidet Toilet Seat Review #1: Most Economical and long lasting is LUELUE LB5000

Feminine Wash

Posterior Wash

Soft Closing

Stainless Steel T adaptor
with built-in filter

Filtered Metal Flexible Hose

Slim Design

2 Years Warranty

One Touch Dismantle

Self Nozzle Cleaning

Adjustable Water Pressure

Easy Installation

Standard Seat for Australian Toilets

No Electricity Required 

Australian Standards

It runs mechanicaly on water pressure so no electricity related risks.

Bidet Toilet Seat Review #2: Coway Bidet Toilet Seat

When it comes to modern bidet technology, no other manufacturer even comes close to Coway bidets!

In particular, the BA 13 Coway bidet seat, offers features that are so new and advanced that other bidet manufacturers have been left confused and wondering how they put so much anal-cleaning technology in this bidet seat!

What exactly are those technological features, you ask?

Check this out:

Steel Nozzles:

Not just one but two stainless steel nozzles, one for the rump (for him and her) and the other for feminine wash.

The nozzles come with an adjustable spray so that the toilet-goer can access those hard-to-reach places!

There are two settings on the nozzle controls from which to choose:

  • Narrow Spray: To clean even the smallest of crevices. 
  • Wide and Gentle Spray: For cleaning the feminine parts. 

Wash Settings:

The BA 13 Coway bidet toilet seat offers adjustable settings, which means that you can increase or decrease the water temperature so you won’t burn or freeze your sphincter!


This bidet seat sports a warm air dryer!  

You heard right, a warm air dryer!

This can help  you get rid of that unwanted moisture that sometimes lingers in the A-hole after washing.

You don’t want to look like you had an accident right after you just finished going to the bathroom, do you?

Temperature Controls:

Now, for my favorite Conway bidet seat feature.

A temperature-controlled heated toilet seat!  

This takes the cake for me and most of my customers also agree that this is one of their favorite features.

Who doesn’t want to be pampered while taking a crap?

Air Deodorizer:

This Coway bidet model has a built-in freshener that helps ‘clear the air’ after the gates of hell have been unleashed in your bathroom! 

Enough said…

Coway has put a lot of thought, time, and effort into making sure that their bidet seats offer comfort levels and amenities that far exceed many of the other bidet brands, which is exactly why I chose it as my number one pick for the top 3 bidets in Australia!

You bet we have Conway bidets in stock at Desi Plumbers, Australia

Bidet Toilet Seat Review #3: Eco Bidet

What if your bidet was not only capable of keeping your ‘brown eye’ safe & clean but our bathroom environment smelling like a rose as well? 

The Eco Bidet s300 promises all this and a bag of chips!

Another great thing about this bidet toilet seat is that it has almost all of the features a premium Australian bidet has but only at a fraction of the cost!

This particular model is currently the most affordable bidet on the Australian market!

But what about its features, you ask? 

First off, this product is fully compliant with Australian Standards Watermark & Electrical Certifications. This means that it is safe for everyone in the household, including children and the elderly. 

The other major features of the Eco Bidet s300 include the following:

Rear & Feminine Wash:

Wait! Wasn’t the  BA 13 Coway bidet seat the only bidet seat to offer this feature?  It appears not and I guess this is one of the few instances that I was wrong about an anal washer.  

But was I?  

Not really, because the Conway bidet differs from all the other bidets on this list in that it offers both a ‘rugged’ water flush and a gentle & mild one to suit the user’s specific needs and temperament.  


Reduces the need for toilet paper and the chances of wiping so hard and so much you start to bleed and develop anal fissures with hemorrhoids to go along with them. 

Heated Seat:

Australia can get cold sometimes, especially during the morning hours.  This is precisely why the Eco Bidet s300 will come in handy.

Great for when you want to warm your rump while ‘dropping the kids off at the pool’ before sunrise. 

Buble Infusion:

There is nothing more refreshing than having bubbles shoot up your hole while sitting on the pot!

Aside from that, you won’t need to use as much water to clean your crevices as the bubbles will go a long way to flush out those very hard to reach places.

Water conservation at its best!

Energy-Saving System:

The Eco Bidet s300 is so smart that it can learn your weekly usage patterns (how many times you clean your bum in a week) and adjust its output to accommodate your ‘butt-wiping’ needs.  

Adjustable Nozzle:

You can adjust the nozzle to where you need it without having to adjust yourself in the process.  

Child Safety Pressure & Nozzle:

Water pressure can be reduced and the nozzle can be adjusted to half its size to accommodate small children and those with weak anuses. 

Self-Cleaning Option:

This bidet can  cleans itself before & after every use.  

After all, the purpose of a bidet is to clean poop, not store it for later use!  

The main body of the bidet can also be removed to clean under it if the self-cleaning system did not do a good enough  job. 

Anal Massage:

Yes, you heard right! The Eco Bidet s300 offers a water pulse that not only gently cleans the sphincter but makes it feel good at the same time.  

If all these features don’t warrant a number three rating, then I don’t know what does!


This article was written by me, HarrySingh, President & CEO of Desi Plumbers.  

I have chosen these particular bidet models because of their cost-effectiveness and salient features.

These 3 bidets work just as well and many times even better than the more expensive options on the market today!

My word is bond when it comes to bidet toilet seats and not just because I own a plumbing company and have been selling bidets in Australia for years but also because I have actually tried all of them out and they solved every one of my ‘butt-washing issues’ which are quite extensive, to say the least. 

Note: In the interest of public and to abide to plumbing regulations, please always get a licensed plumber to install any bidet for you.  This will not only protect your house from flooding but prevent water contamination too.  Once again, all bidets and hand sprays must be installed with RPZ.