Warning Australia! Panic Buying Toilet Paper Is Not An Effective Coronavirus Precaution

Warning Australia! Panic Buying Toilet Paper Is Not An Effective Coronavirus Precaution 


Before supplying you with a solution to your coronavirus toilet paper purchases, let’s first review the facts:

  • As of the time of this writing, Australia has had only 874 confirmed corona virus cases. 
  • Out of those 874 cases, there have been 7 confirmed deaths.
  • Children do not appear to be at high risk of getting COVID-19.


  • The people who are at higher risk of being infected by the coronavirus include the elderly and those suffering from chronic medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. 


Giving these stats, would it make sense for Australian shoppers to panic and stock up on supplies as if the apocalypse were on its way. 

Australia is not even near to being on the top of the worst infected country list.  

Even if it were, why would Australian’s biggest fear be being stranded without toilet paper, when there is an even better solution available to them for cleaning the bum?

Toilet Paper Buying Frenzy In Australia

One of the most ridiculous displays of toilet paper buying panic within the country occurred at a Melbourne, Woolworths supermarket where shoppers left canned goods and other food supplies on the shelf and instead decided to fight over toilet paper rolls. 

A sure display of insanity if there ever were one!

The coronavirus is a flu, albeit a somewhat dangerous one.  Yet, it is not the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’.

Even if it were, why would Australian’s think their money is best used for stocking up on ass wipes? 

Will wiping your butt several thousand times bulletproof you from getting COVID-19?

Still, Auatralian shoppers did not seem to consider the absurdity of their actions and Woolworth had to limit one roll of toilet paper per family so every customer could get a chance to secure at least one roll of sacred wipes. 

The Problem With Toilet Paper

Even if the world were shut down due to the corona scare, stocking up on toilet paper to keep your backside nice and tidy is not the most effective tool for doing so.

Neither is it the most effective mechanism for keeping the corona virus at bay. 

The fact is, toilet paper is not a ‘must-have’ in case of a health epidemic, economic meltdown, or zombie apocalypse.  Wiping with toilet paper is actually an unhygienic and unhealthy act. 

Toilet paper removes poop but does not clean poop.

In other words, you continue to walk around with a dirty anus even after you have wiped. 

Toilet paper increases the likelihood of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. 

Therefore, the harder and deeper you wipe the more likely you are to either cause these two anal problems or irritate them further. 

Since poop remains after wiping, genital diseases like urinary tract infections are increased. 

A urinary tract infection (UTI) is very painful, just ask anyone who has ever had one. 

The bottom line is that toilet paper does not clean your bum properly and it increases the chances of genital problems.  What is more, it sure as hell does not help safeguard you against the corona virus or an impending personal lockdown/economic meltdown.

Is there a solution then? 


There is a better way to safeguard your anus from the coronavirus.

There is a way to keep your sphincter clean in the likelihood that the world runs out of toilet paper. 

Bidets: One Of The Best Coronavirus Precautions For Australian Asses

Why bidets?

First off, you don’t have to worry about toilet paper running out because you will have an anal fountain at your disposal at all times. 

Secondly, it will reduce the likelihood of incurring anal problems often brought about by using toilet paper (see above section) since it cleans the poop out of the anus instead of just spreading it around.

It could possibly wash away any rogue corona virus hanging around your butthole waiting to get up in there and contaminate your entire physical system. 

Besides, it offers a plethora of other benefits for both men and women – benefits that can not be had by using toilet paper alone.


  • Menstruation: Bidets can rinse the vagina thoroughly during menstruation, thus reducing endometrial particles and vaginal mucus which often produces unpleasant scent during that time of the month.
  • Yeast Infection: Bidets can not cure this infection but it can reduce its symptoms while it is being treated. 
  • Pregnancy: Many physical problems that may arise due to pregnancy such as hemorrhoids, cleanliness issues, lochia, and urinary tract infections can be reduced or alleviated through bidet washes. 


  • Constipation/Hemorrhoids: Bidets can help alleviate the discomfort that usually accompanies these two conditions.
  • Anal Hygiene: A cleaner bum leads to a healthier bum and fewer underwear stains. 

There is a host of environmental benefits that come with using bidets as well. 

Bidet usage saves on toilet paper costs and the need to buy toilet paper altogether which has a positive effect on the environment as a whole. 

To give you a better idea of how much impact bidets can have on the environment, take a look at the following toilet paper production graphic: 

By purchasing a bidet you will save on toilet paper costs and the hassle of trying to acquire a stockpile of toilet paper rolls during this corona scare, as well as obtain all the health and hygiene benefits that come with using water to wash your dirty places. 

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